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Match your football strategies and sports management skills with others, to determine through weekly FFL scoring, who drafts and manages the best “PRO” football team. Points are awarded based on actual scores made by NFL players during the NFL Regular Season. You will play head-to-head against other FFL teams, all season long until the “Division Champions & League Grand Champion” is Crowned.


Our FFL is comprised of several franchise owners who form together one league with a number of divisions, draft a team of 13 NFL offensive players and 2 Complete Defensive Teams to play a 17 game regular season. Any one team may only have up to two franchise owners. NO owner is allowed any interest in more than one franchise per division. Commissioner, Don Dozier, is responsible for collection of fees, providing schedules, compiling weekly scores, results and standings, payment of end of season earnings, and ensuring that rules are followed by all franchises. Commissioner is NOT responsible for notifying owners of fees, charges, or incomplete line-ups. Always keep track of your own money on account.


The primary objective of this Franchise Football League (FFL), is to provide added enjoyment in watching the game of professional football throughout the season while following the exploits of the players on your team & your opponents. Win or lose, fair play and enjoyment should be the goal of each and every franchise owner. Any attempt to disregard or circumvent the meaning of the rules, as a means for taking unfair advantage, will not be allowed. Any owner(s) who elects to no longer participate in the league through the course of the season will forfeit any due earnings and will be responsible for all charges and fees. The Commissioner will then look over the line-ups for “out for season or bye week” players and will change if needed, throughout the season.

        FEES* AND FINES:

  • 125.00 Franchise(25.00 non-refundable)
  • 50.00 for Losses (returned if not used )
  • 5.00 for Pick-Ups & Drops
  • 5.00 Weekly Loss
  • 2.50 Weekly Tie ( each team )
  • 10.00 FINE - P/U without Money **
  • 5.00/2.50 Raffle on Player

If a franchise has not paid fees or charges by earliest line-up deadline, the opposing team will play against the prior week line-up.
The Commish will look over the line-up to make sure there is no “out for season” players in. He will adjust if needed. The delinquent franchise will not be able to win at all. The opposing team must win or it will be a “Tie.”
                           *Participants that only have a portion of Fees/Losses, are not guaranteed a place in our League 
                           ** Commissioner keeps All Fines for costs/time of running this League.


When paid in-full, an owner will pick a LETTER, to show what division and when their 1st Draft Pick will be at Draft. All NFL offensive players are eligible to be drafted. The group of owners only, will get together at a specified time and place to draft complete rosters. (TBA)

  • (2) Quarterbacks
  • (3) Running Backs
  • (4) Wide-Receivers
  • (2) Tight-Ends
  • (2) Kickers
  • (2) Defensive Teams

 These players participate in the vast majority of the scoring plays during the course of a game.
Each of the owners should come to the draft prepared, to select an adequate number of players at each position and to ensure against personnel losses due to injuries, etc.

Weekly, franchises select from their rosters a starting line-up of (8) players & (1) Defensive Team.
Deadline for line-up is determined by Read their rules for explanation(s).

This option sets when team lineups lock each week. This applies to moving players between active slots and bench slots.
Team owners can make moves to their weekly rosters/lineups until the scheduled kickoff time of each player's game.
Example: Your 2 (two) Quarterbacks are P.Manning (Denver) and P.Rivers (San Diego) Denver vs. San Diego (plays Monday Night Football), you have until scheduled kickoff time to choose which QB to start in your lineup. If Denver is playing on Thursday and San Diego is playing Sunday, you have until scheduled kickoff time for Denver (Thursday) to set your lineup. Same for each position.

                                                                 STARTING LINE-UP :

  • (1) Quarterback
  • (2) Running Backs
  • (3) Wide Receivers
  • (1) Tight-End
  • (1) Place Kicker
  • (1) Defensive Team

The 6 players on the bench and the points they may happen to score while in this status does not count towards the weekly totals. Team owners are responsible for providing a weekly line-up on 

Points are awarded for players involved in scoring plays. All points will be awarded according to ESPN Fantasy Sports
If any scoring errors are discovered, the Commish will review it and a final decision will be made. All owners must notify the Commissioner via e-mail, phone or in-person of any scoring errors in points and/or standings by Tuesday, 5:00 pm to have them corrected. Any errors found after, may not be changed unless otherwise ruled by the Commissioner. Any disputes at the end of season must be initiated by Tuesday, 5:00 pm after the last season game.
Weekly Updates by ESPN, can change upto Saturday.

Owners have the option of waiving one or more players from their roster and replacing them with another eligible player, throughout the entire season. The cost is $5.00 each. Money must be on account before any pick-up, or a $10.00 fine will be assessed. When a player is dropped, he will be put on the available list. This player will not be able to play the same week that he is dropped. If there is more than one owner, that would like to pick-up, said player. There will be a raffle, Monday @ 6:00 pm.  Notify Commissioner prior to Monday 5:00 pm of request.  Owner that Wins this player pays the $5.00 and all others will pay $2.50 ea. Money, must be on account in advance, prior to notifying of your interest in acquiring player.
If a team owner picks-up said player the same week he is dropped and losses said player in a Raffle. That team owner will be given back, the same player that he dropped to pick-up said player.
This process, eliminates team owners from dropping valuable players for compensation and/or friendships. 



“Winning Percentage” will determine which team(s) will receive the Earnings
at the end of the regular season. In the event of ties, it will go:

1. “Head-to-Head Record”

2. “Head-to-Head Points”

3. “Division Points” ( Points For )

$200.00 taken from all Divisions will go towards Divisional Champions

Leagues/Divisions will be awarded:

(Divisions and Bonus Earnings)

1st Place................................50%
2nd Place..............................30%

3rd Place.................................20%

Sign-up with a $25.00, (non-refundable) deposit, you are able to put money on your account, for next years TopSportz Fantasy Football League. You can add to it in $20.00 increments so you do not run short on time of having your entry fee. There is no adding/ subtracting / adding. If taking money out, you must take all but your deposit and you will lose your deposit if you do not play that said year, but you will get all other moneys available. During the season you can add money to your account for losses, drops  and pickups, etc. Just in case you forget or need to go out of town unexpectedly ?…etc. With your $125.00 Entry Fee, you’re required to put $50.00 on your account for weekly losses.

Extra money on account for drops & pick-ups,
is strongly suggested
After losing 10 games in the season, you will need to install more money on your Loss Account. $0.00 Balance on Losses
will be considered negative. You must have $5.00+ on account, to be considered, even.  
If not, you will not be able to Win that given week. Best is a tie. 

Why fantasy football is legal

       by Chris Isidore   @CNNMoney October 6, 2015: 11:32 AM ET

Some 56 million fantasy sports players are plunking down money hoping to win big prizes based on the outcome
 of real world games.  Sure sounds like sports gambling, which happens to be illegal in every state except for Nevada. 
 But fantasy sports is perfectly legal.  The reason: a series of court decisions and a 63-word provision of federal law that 
classify fantasy sports as a game of skill.

For the most part, games of skill are allowed under federal law. Illegal gambling is considered to be a game of chance.  
Fantasy sports works like this: Fans choose from real players in a draft or an online selection process to assemble a 
fantasy team. The players' real-game statistics are compiled and compared to see whose fantasy team has done the best.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 specifically mentions fantasy sports as something allowed under 
the law, as long as people are not betting on the outcome of a single game or the performance of a single player.  Because 
fantasy sports "owners" must make decisions to pick multiple players for their teams, they are participating in a game of skill.

That legal status is unlikely to change.

Fantasy sports has grown into an estimated $1.5 billion industry. Many of the major media and Internet companies such as 
Disney's (
) ESPN unit, Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) and CBS (CBS) have become major players in the business.

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Two standalone companies specializing in daily fantasy games -- DraftKings and FanDuel --have each raised about $300 
million from investors.

Fantasy sports is illegal in five states -- Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington, according to the Fantasy Sports 
Trade Association. That trade group is pushing for legislation to change the law in those states.

On Monday, DraftKings and FanDuel announced they have banned employees from playing fantasy games after allegations 
surfaced that a DraftKings employee reportedly made $350,000 on FanDuel's football game when he had insider information 
about which players were being chosen by other fantasy team owners.

Right now there really is no government authority that oversees fantasy sports, the way gambling regulators oversee sports 
gambling in Nevada. The scandal involving DraftKings and FanDuel could bring calls for greater government oversight of the 
industry if not calls for an outright ban on the games.

Are you playing fantasy sports? How much are you putting up and what's your record? Email Ahiza Garcia and your story 
might be included in a CNNMoney article.

CNNMoney (New York) First published October 6, 2015: 10:02 AM ET

    Don Dozier

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